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Alloyed formalizes company name change & establishes reputation as progessive partner for devloping & deploying advanced alloys

The conclusion of the acquisition and merger of Betatype with OxMet Technologies (which took place at the end of 2019) has now been formalised with the legal naming of the new corporate entity — Alloyed.

Bringing together the advanced technology brands Alloys-By-Design (ABD), Betatype, and Alloyed Digital Manufacture (ADM), Alloyed provides a compelling offering for optimising advanced digital metal manufacturing applications, and is committed to making its customers high-performance components and processes even better.

Alloyed can offer its clients the development of superior and customised alloys via ABD, unprecedented levels of advanced process control and performance via Betatype, and expert metal additive manufacturing (AM) production capabilities from application development through to pilot production via ADM. In this way, Alloyed provides customers with a palette of complementary expertise and services that optimise the production of metal parts through digital manufacturing.

Alloyed’s unrivalled expertise lies in using advanced metallurgy, the latest simulation techniques, and a profound understanding of the factors that drive performance. The company focuses on multi-scale materials and multi-physics modelling, prediction and analysis of fatigue/TMF and failure, and the optimisation of complex manufacturing processes, including AM.

Alloyed’s novel Alloys-by-Design (ABD®) rapid alloy design and optimisation platform applies data and advanced physical models to simulate the performance of millions of different potential alloys across a large space simultaneously. This allows optimisation across the full range of performance, manufacturing, and economic parameters relevant to any application. It can be used to choose the right alloy for an application, to optimise an existing alloy, or to design new customised alloy solutions. In simple terms it means better alloys, faster, as can be evidenced by industry response to the ABD-900 high temperature alloy for AM, with ABD®-1000 hot on its heels.

The Betatype suite of additive technologies includes Engine, a processing platform which uses voxel-by-voxel control of the laser to increase machine productivity and enhance microstructural control, and Architect, an application design platform which takes full advantage of the wealth of data that this level of laser control involves.

To complete the digital metal manufacturing process, Alloyed can also harness the full potential of AM through the production of physical metal parts. The company has a team with more than 50 years’ collective experience of advanced and high-volume manufacturing, design, process development and materials engineering. Alloyed Digital Manufacture (ADM) offers a dedicated state-of-the art metal AM facility that is set up to run an extensive range of metal materials including titanium, aluminium, steel, and nickel alloys. ADM can support application development and deliver pilot production and a manufacturing blueprint for companies to bring to their customer’s supply chains.

Michael Holmes, CEO of Alloyed concludes, “We are really pleased to be making this final transition with the naming of the new company. It’s been pretty seamless in terms of the merger, because the technologies that we are bringing together complement each other so well and our customers can see the clear advantages. At Alloyed we are all excited to be working at the vanguard of metal AM at a time when it is increasingly being seen as a viable, increasingly accurate, and repeatable production process. We know we have a unique stack of technologies for the manufacture of advanced metal components both by additive and traditional means.”