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Alpakka: Open Source Controller from the 3D Printer

Input Labs has introduced a 3D-printed open source controller called Alpakka. With this, the team wants to provide an open design that can be easily customized.

The Alpakka controller is Input Labs’ main reference design, a re-interpretation of the standard gamepad that everyone is familiar with, but with advanced gyro controls, mouse-like competitive performance, and the power of an open source community bringing limitless accessibility and customization options.

Every aspect of the controller is tuned for pixel-perfect accuracy, ultra-low latency, and no acceleration or smoothing.

Zero software

No drivers, no apps, no overlays, no bloat. The Alpakka firmware emulates as a standard keyboard, mouse, and Xinput gamepad at hardware level; so it just works out of the box in Windows and Linux, and every game launcher.

Instead of having per-game configurations, the firmware includes 8 profiles carefully crafted for different game genres, that can be switched directly on the controller (e.g. FPS, race, flight).

Thanks to its modular design, it’s easy to assemble and modify in every way. At the moment, the only way to get an Alpakka is to build it yourself with a 3D printer, request a free trial unit, or become a tester.

You can find a manual on the Input Labs website.

Find out more Input Labs at inputlabs.io.

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