Home Applications & Case Studies Altostrata Thermal Pavilion: Sustainable Architecture Meets 3D Printing Technology

Altostrata Thermal Pavilion: Sustainable Architecture Meets 3D Printing Technology

In Sibiu, Romania, stands a remarkable temporary structure that celebrates the marriage of sustainable design and innovative technology: The Altostrata Thermal Pavilion. This project is the result of a collaboration between Mamou Mani Architects, Arup and Therme Group and was made with biodegradable, sugar-based PLA through 3D printing technology from FabPub, a joint venture between Mamou-Mani and Therme Group.

The pavilion, located in the Piaţa Albert Huet, celebrates international, multidisciplinary collaboration and the pursuit of ambitious, sustainable urbanism. It serves as a venue for the Sibiu International Theatre Festival and the Therme Forum for Theatre and Architecture, and fosters an ongoing exchange of ideas between art and design experts from around the world.

The partnership for this project includes the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Therme Group and Arup. The forum has successfully brought together over 70 speakers from 21 different nations. Forum discussions cover a wide range of topics, from the profound importance of sustainability to the transformative potential of digital technologies.

Mamou Mani Architects specializes in digitally designed and fabricated architecture. Arthur Mamou Mani, the founder of Mamou Mani Architects, also launched the FabPub Digital Fabrication Laboratory. In 2018, he constructed Galaxia, a Burning Man temple composed of 20 wooden support flowers that spiral to a point in the sky.

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