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America Makes announces three new project calls

America Makes announced three new project calls which will accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing and offer a new way for the supply chain to engage with the Institute. Several actionable focus areas are aligned to each project call, including materials data, process monitoring, data management as well as education and workforce development.

“We are extremely excited about these project calls as they speak to the core of what America Makes does as an Institute – convenes, coordinates, and catalyzes the AM community,” said John Wilczynski, Executive Director of America Makes “We feel that now is a good time to announce these calls to allow our members and stakeholders a chance to build and strengthen their project teams at our Members Meeting and Exchange, which takes place in August.”

“These project calls help America Makes advance our project portfolio in a way that is relevant to additive manufacturers and to AM as a whole,” said Brandon Ribic, Technology Director of America Makes, “The member-driven nature of the calls really showcases how the AM ecosystem directs the progression of additive technology.”

“The training materials in this project stand to benefit the safety engineers and machinists, as well as the machines and the materials,” said Josh Cramer, EWD Director of America Makes. “It will address a variety of needs for understanding safety for the lifecycle of additive materials through the course of operations. It will address everything from procurement all the way through the process to recycling and disposal.”

Each project call has a unique set of topics and submission requirements. Further details on them can be found at https://www.americamakes.us/open-project-calls/. There will be a kick-off webinar for the three projects August 1. Registration is required.

1.The Open Project Call will leverage collaboration and perspectives from the existing America Makes membership, working groups, and Roadmap Advisory Group (RMAG). The goal for this project call is to create actionable focus areas to address the needs of the membership and its stakeholders.

2.Rapid Innovation Call will seek to address immediate and readily actionable needs identified by America Makes members. The Rapid Innovation Call will allow the Institute an agile framework to adapt to the evolving challenges of the supply chain via direct input from the membership. Full details will be available on July 25.

3.Generation of Additive Materials Allowables for Ti-6Al-4V or GAMAT focuses on a Laser Powder Feed Directed Energy Deposition (LPFDED) process-specific set of publicly available, statistically substantiated, bulk material property data with a corresponding material and process specification.

For more information, please visit www.americamakes.us.

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