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AML3D signs reseller agreement with Phillips Corporation

AML3D has signed a Value-Added Reseller (“VAR”) agreement with Phillips Corporation, specifically targeting the U.S. government sector. Phillips is a leading service provider and partner to the U.S. Government and will be a reseller of AML3D’s ARCEMY systems.

AML3D’s U.S. sales team will work with Phillips’ federal government sales division to accelerate the development of a U.S. ARCEMY sales pipeline. The VAR agreement has an initial term of 18 months and is renewable.

AML3D CEO Ryan Millar said: “I am excited by this important announcement, particularly against the backdrop of the recently announced AUKUS defence partnership. Phillips is the perfect partner to help rapidly scale up ARCEMY system sales through their federal sales division across the United States Federal Government, including all branches of the US Defence forces. Phillips’ deeply entrenched relationships as a long-standing and trusted partner and supplier of manufacturing solutions will allow AML3D immediate access to the US defence sector at scale.”

This is an incredible opportunity to expand our reach and sales presence through a dual-track strategy comprising our direct sales team and our partner Phillips’ federal sales team. Driving adoption of our ARCEMY technology across the US Navy, Airforce, and Army is a key scale-up objective for AML3D. The agreement with Phillips builds on AML3D’s recent success securing a contract to supply an ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ system to support the US Navy’s submarine industrial base. I look forward to providing further updates as we deepen our presence and partnerships in the US.”

In parallel with Phillips’ federal sales support, AML3D will continue to invest and expand the company’s direct sales team and technical service capabilities in the US. AML3D’s sales team will leverage its existing relationships in the defense, aerospace and marine sectors to build deep, trusted relationships directly with customers and focus on ARCEMY sales and service opportunities.

Alan Phillips, Chairman and CEO of Phillips Corporation, states: “We are very pleased to join forces with AML3D. Their unique technology and capability add outstanding dimensions to our strong portfolio of additive manufacturing solutions supporting Phillips Federal’s customers throughout the USA’s Defense Industrial Base. AML3D’s product line-up is an optimal fit for customers seeking to enter or expand upon their additive manufacturing capability. This is a very exciting time in the rapid evolution of additive manufacturing. We are pleased to be collaborating with AML3D and together being vital contributors to the global additive manufacturing revolution.”

The significance of this announcement is that the parties are focused on developing sales opportunities in the United States for AML3D’s ARCEMY systems. Recent announcements related to the development of the AUKUS defense partnership between the U.S., Australia and the U.K. will support demand in the U.S. Navy submarine industry. The Phillips reseller agreement is not exclusive to areas outside the U.S. federal government.

Find out more about AML3D at aml3d.com.

For more information about Phillips, please visit phillipscorp.com.

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