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Anisoprint and Jacobs University Bremen partner to foster research of composites manufacturing with CFC technology

Starting in September 2022, 3D printing solution provider Anisoprint deployed their Research and Development Team at Jacobs University Bremen. The main focus of the partnership is fostering research and development of composites manufacturing with Continuous Fiber Coextrusion (CFC) technology and establishing a research environment for 3D printing technologies on the university campus in Bremen, Germany.

Following the announcement of the cooperation between Anisoprint and Jacobs University, the startup team moved their R&D operations to Bremen in early September. Starting off in full momentum, the Anisoprint group already took part in Research Day at Jacobs University: An initiative that presents the diverse array of research taking place at the university, particularly highlighting research opportunities for students.

Among the goals set with Jacobs University is the development of collaborative projects aimed at improving Anisoprint’s proprietary Continuous Fiber Coextrusion (CFC) technology, fiber lay-up control methods, and printing process analysis. Projects will also focus on the chemical modification of materials used in CFC technology.

In 2023, Anisoprint plans to establish an internship program for university students to develop educational activities in additive technology, polymer physics and chemistry, and composite mechanics. Plans also entail getting students involved in international and European research projects creating entirely new opportunities for students at Jacobs University.

“Within this cooperation, we plan to further develop fiber layering techniques and create adhesive formulations for a quality CFC technology upgrade,” said Alexander Kochetkov, Head of R&D.

Anisoprint’s commercial research and development agenda includes:

  • Improving and equipping the 3D printing laboratory for proper study of the properties of composite materials;
  • Exploration of new methods of carbon fiber impregnation with resins and thermoplastic polymers;
  • Improving the binder formulation used in CFC technology.

In addition, research on the physical-chemical and mechanical properties of plastics used in printing and composite materials includes conducting tests with various types of plastics and fibers applicable in CFC technology for their subsequent commercial success.
The overall collaboration project is very comprehensive, with the goal of improving current print quality and modernization of the process, developing new technologies, and patent work; it will also allow participation in EU startup programs, grants, and projects.

“We are excited to welcome Anisoprint’s Research & Development team on campus. In addition to developing new materials, improving processes and design methods, the team will also provide excellent research and training opportunities for our students,” — Fabio Pammolli, President of Jacobs University.

For more information about Anisoprint, please visit anisoprint.com.

To learn more about Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) and Jacobs University Bremen (JUB), please visit sit.org and www.jacobs-university.de.

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