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AnkerMake: Anker announces entry into the world of additive manufacturing

With an announcement that is currently not very concrete, the manufacturer Anker, known primarily for its charging products, announces its entry into 3D printing. New “3D printers by Anker” are announced under the name AnkerMake.

Surrounded by cryptic statements such as “let’s explore the new fontier of 3D printing” or “transform your 3D printing experience”, the company (apparently successful with us) is trying to attract interest.

Just like you, we’re a group of engineers and hobbyists who
love to make exciting prints that we can geek out about with our
friends. We also understand the frustration of long wait times, droopy
curves, and stringing. That’s in the past now. We’re here by your side with intelligent technology and a maker spirit to solve those dilemmas and bring you faster, smarter, and friendlier 3D printing. Watch for updates about our exciting debut release. We can’t wait to see what you build.

It will be interesting to see what concrete plans and functions Anker will offer.

Picture: AnkerMake

Update 11.03.2022 – Anker releases fist details about its 3D printer

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