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ANYCUBIC is to Launch a new Resin Machine-Wash&Cure Plus with Larger Volume

Anycubic is to launch a larger post-processing machine, Wash&Cure Plus, which supports 192 X 120 X 245mm curing mode and comes with 360°curing of the models.

Wash&Cure Plus’ size is up to 290*270*490mm and it supports 192*120*245mm washing mode and 190*245mm curing mode, which makes it compatible with all the LCD 3D printer models of 8.9 inches and below on the market. This helps to solve the post-processing needs faced by large-size, light curing models. It supports model washing and curing, and its stronger cleaning strength is able to achieve more productivity with less effort. Water washable resin is also supported.

Not only the bigger size makes Wash&Cure Plus great, it also has a L-shaped UV light design with an array of 20 LED beads. The L-shaped UV light bar can be bended to ensure 360° curing from the top to the bottom part of models with the reflection of the rotating table. This feature enables every model to be cured seamlessly by the UV light. Besides, the adjustable time selections and convenient washing method can bring users more convenience.

Wash&cure plus will be on presale on Apr.16-Apr.22 (Apr.15, 7AM PST), during which Anycubic will provide presale offer ($169) for the first 1000 machines. The price will be back to $249 after one-week presale.

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