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Arburg hires 29 trainee graduates and continues its certified training program

Arburg Partner Renate Keinath officially discharged a total of 29 industrial trainees from their training obligations on 4 April 2022. All of them have been taken on as permanent employees.

Renate Keinath personally presented the 29 trainees with their certificates and six prizes for particularly good achievements. In September 2022, Arburg will enable another 106 young people to start their careers – more than ever before. The next graduation ceremony in autumn 2022 will also include commercial trainees and Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) students from the 2019 cohort.

“I would like to use today’s ceremony to motivate you on your continued journey at Arburg,” said Renate Keinath, Managing Partner responsible for Human Resource Management. “I am pleased that, even in these difficult times, we have been able to take on all 29 industrial trainees from the 2018 cohort. You are the ones who will help shape the future of our company.”

Training excellence
On behalf of the entire Arburg Management, the Partner congratulated the trainees on passing their final examinations and gave special thanks to the training team for their highly motivated commitment, noting that Arburg offers triple-certified training and also excels in the area of digitalization. As a result, laptops, video chats, learning management and remote access were already part of the trainees’ daily routine before COVID.

“Thanks to online teaching and digital methods, you have acquired a very high level of IT competence, almost incidentally,” said Renate Keinath. “You are sure to benefit from these additional skills in your future professional life.” The Managing Partner presented the former trainees with their certificates and six of them with additional prizes for particularly good achievements.

2018 cohort starts professional life
Head of Apprenticeship Michael Vieth also wished the new Arburg employees a good start to their careers in his speech, in which he looked back on difficult circumstances:

“You have been accompanied by ‘social distancing’ and you have experienced what it is like to do backflips and somersaults in digital communication.” As important tips, he told the graduates to remain flexible, courageous and curious: “Please maintain the dynamism you had during your training and now, as qualified Arburg personnel, help us respond appropriately and quickly to new developments. Each and every one of you will need courage to help shape the change ahead. In the process, don’t forget to ask ‘Why?’ and explore the reasons behind things.”

On behalf of all the graduates, Yves Mensak, a trainee electronics technician in automation technology, thanked Renate Keinath and the entire management team: “We thank you for your trust in us and for the excellent jobs that we have been offered. We couldn’t have asked for anything more than to be allowed to continue working here.”

Arburg continues to train qualified personnel
Because there are fewer and fewer really good qualified personnel on the labour market, Arburg continues to rely heavily on finding and training young talent itself. The company therefore acts as an educational partner for pre-schools, schools and universities in the region, among other things. From June, interested parties can apply for a training place in 2023 at www.ausbildung.arburg.com.

Headline picture:
On 4 April 2022, Arburg Managing Partner Renate Keinath (front right) presided over the graduation of 29 former trainees. Georg Anzer, Director of Human Resource Management (front, 2nd from left) and Head of Apprenticeship Michael Vieth (front left) also attended the official ceremony. Photo: ARBURG

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