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atum3D introduces three innovations at formnext

atum3D, full service leader in professional, high-quality 3D manufacturing, introduces no less than three brand new products at formnext 2017, November 14 to 17 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Following the company’s successful formnext debut last year, atum3D firstly will present its new DLP Station 5. With an all new, specially designed and high-power light source, DLP Station 5 offers an entirely new level of speed, accuracy and consistency. Add the open resin platform, now combined with the ability to choose from different wavelengths and resolutions, and DLP Station 5 is a state-of-the-art machine with exceptional value and cost-efficiency. The next innovation on show in Frankfurt is atum3D’s Operator Station software. Operator Station takes an innovative approach to model preparation with MAGS AI technology. The innovation trinity is completed by the Industry Excellence Packs. Based on customer feedback, atum3D has created these industry-specific combinations, which contain all the hardware, software, resin and services to fit specific applications and make the user’s life easy. The Industry Excellence Packs include post processing solutions and will initially be available for Product Design and Prototyping, Jewelry, Dentistry and Manufacturing.

“We can’t wait to showcase the results of our team’s hard work in Frankfurt. It’s fitting that all three pillars on which atum3D is built, being our in-house expertise in the fields of hardware engineering, software development and resin chemicals, all contributed to the innovations on show at formnext”, says Guy Nyssen, Channel Manager at atum3D. He continues: “We strive to offer exceptional accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness and make our customer’s life easy through training, services and support. The new DLP Station, Operator Station software and Industry Excellence Packs do just that!”. He laughs when confronted with the above enumerations of 3: “We have a saying in Dutch that translates into ‘all good things come in three’. I think that’s spot on in our case!”.

While sporting the trusted atum3D look and feel, DLP Station 5 has a brand-new heart: a specially built industrial quality light source. Guy:

“Thanks to this high-power unit, DLP Station 5 offers unprecedented build speeds and consistent accuracy”.

Depending on the application and desired build material properties, the versatile DLP Station 5 will be available in a standard 405 nm wavelength version as well as a 365 nm wavelength version.

“This unlocks the full potential of our open resin platform technology, as certain material properties are currently only available when using 365 nm curing resins”, says Guy.

Other differences with previous DLP Stations can be found in the optimized practical usability of DLP Station 5.

Before DLP Station 5 gets to work, the 3D modelled object needs to be prepared for build. This process becomes a breeze with the new Operator Station software, which now includes atum3D’s MAGS AI technology. Guy explains:

“This innovation takes an entirely new approach to object orientation and automatic support generation, optimizing and speeding up both preparation and post processing. It’s added to the proprietary algorithms that allow Operator Station to optimize accuracy for build on DLP Station hardware which, for example, makes it possible to create truly round openings. It’s a unique combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use.”

The third and final introduction at formnext 2017 holds significant added value for potential customers. Guy explains why:

“Introducing 3D manufacturing to an existing business to speed up and optimize trusted business processes can be overwhelming. As we aim to be side by side with atum3D customers and make their life easy, we’ve created the Industry Excellence Packs.”

These integral products include industry-specific combinations of atum3D hardware, software, resin and services.

“We propose the best combinations based on our experience. For example, a dental laboratory chooses 3D manufacturing to create accurate dental parts in-house fast, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing cost-per-part. That’s why atum3D includes all must-haves to start benefiting from the get-go in the Dentistry Excellence Pack, such as hardware which largely automates post processing, a dental resin, all consumables as well as operator training and support.” The initially available Packs are the Product Design Excellence Pack, the Dentistry Excellence Pack, the Jewelry Excellence Pack and the Manufacturing Excellence Pack. Guy adds: “We’ll probably add additional Industry Excellence Packs in the near future. These comprehensive products allow us to convey our experience and advice to potential customers. Of course, we’re always ready to further customize the proposed Packs to the customer’s specific wishes.”

Guy Nyssen: “atum3D invites everyone to visit our booth 3.1-C78 and experience these innovations firsthand at the Messe Frankfurt from November 14 through 17.” He adds: “We’re looking forward to presenting our products and services to potential customers and professional distribution partners alike.” Contact atum3D today (info@atum3D.com) to receive a complimentary entry voucher for formnext 2017.

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