Home Applications & Case Studies Austrocasa to Develop DesignVAST 3D Printer for Construction Materials

Austrocasa to Develop DesignVAST 3D Printer for Construction Materials

Romanian company Austrocasa is currently developing a 3D printer to build objects and houses from constructions materials such as clay, concrete or ceramics. 

The founders have an ambitious plan to create the RoboVAST 3D printer to provide more affordable, eco-friendly, custom-built homes. The company claims that by saving man hours related to conventional construction methods, 3D printed houses could cost about 50% less. While shape and style are almost unlimited and open up completely new opportunities to architects, 3D printing technology also allows to eliminate waste.

Through advanced 3D printing technology, Austrocasa provides our customers with a larger selection of house types, models, and shapes as well as fast construction at affordable prices. Our team believes in providing high-quality and eco-friendly homes at reasonable prices.

This year the company started to design and manufacture the DesignVAST 3D Printer for the construction industry. Besides concrete mix it is also able to process materials such as clay and others. Initially, the team will print architect models and test different construction materials.

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