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3D Prototyping, As simple as using your phone. Integrate functional prototypes within your business processes. Choose the related FREEFORMA contract with a clear pricing. We calculate using the volume of your model in cm3 as the account unit. You find Prepaid tariffs for the accurate cost control and subscriptions for the recurring monthly demand with a booked printer capacity from 125 cm3 to a whole printer. Sign-up and test our Prepaid offering free of charge.Selective Laser sintering allows you to print extremely durable and highly detailed objects.The laser sintering technology enables the production of complex objects with unparalleled freedom of form. It can even produce movable parts. All plastic objects have a high mechanical load capacity and show a very high long-term stability. This technology is particularly suitable for functional 3D Prototyping. Therefore we use the printers from the company Sintratec in Switzerland.

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