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Avante Technology Announces Water Removable Support Material

Avante Technology, a company specializing in the development of advanced 3D printing materials and technologies, announced the release of FilaOne™ Water Removable Support Material for 3D printers.

The FilaOne Water Removable Support Material is the first and only water removable material that supports printing engineering grade filament on an open source FDM printer. This unique support material is designed to support complex geometry print jobs using Avante’s FilaOne GREEN advanced composite filament.

FilaOne support material provides users with three benefits:

  • easy to print complex shapes: adheres firmly with FilaOneTM GREEN during printing and leaves a smooth surface on the print when removed. No noxious out-gassing either.
  • easy to remove: loosens in boiling water and pulls away easily without leaving any surface marks or burrs.
  • safe & easy disposal: no chemical solvents required. The water used can be safely disposed of without treatment. No noxious fumes during the removal process.

The combination of FilaOne Water Removable Support Material and FilaOne Advanced Composite Filament provides an integrated approach to printing complex functional parts. Parts printed with FilaOne GREEN are mechanically stronger than ABS, safer and easier to use than conventional filaments and support materials.

FilaOne engineering grade filament and support materials solve four common problems with conventional filament materials, such as ABS, Nylon and PLA:

  • Improves the mechanical strength and chemical resistance of the printed part
  • Minimizes the impact of humidity on the printing process
  • Improves the adhesion of the part during the printing process
  • Minimizes safety issues caused by toxic out-gassing & handling of chemical solvents

“Users can create stronger, more complex parts that typically require industrial grade FDM printers” said Robert Zollo, CEO of Avante Technology. “Manufacturers can use affordable desktop printers to create functional prototypes and production parts safely and easily, without spending tens of thousands of dollars on an industrial grade printer.”

Unlike ABS and nylon, which give off noxious, harmful gasses when printing, FileOne support material and its companion FilaOne GREEN, are nearly odorless when printing.

FilaOne Water Removable Support Material will be available in both 2.88 mm and 1.75 mm versions. The filament’s yellow color contrasts with FilaOne GREEN filament to make it easy to find any support material adhering to the printed part.

FilaOne Water Soluble Support Material will be available in December 2015. Pricing for a 0.75Kg reel is $99.95.

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