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Axjo launches filament spools made from 100% recycled plastic

Swedish manufacturer Axjo has introduced a new line of filament spools made entirely from recycled plastic. These spools serve as practical and environmentally friendly packaging for neatly winding 3D printing filament. Axjo invested years in the development and optimization of these spools to ensure that they are not only suitable for the delicate filaments, but also user-friendly, compatible with winding machines and sustainable.

A key feature of the new Axjo spools is that they are made from 100% recycled plastic material. This material has already had a previous use and is processed into a technically stable recyclate in the company’s in-house laboratory. Products made from this recycled material have up to 78% less impact on the climate compared to virgin material.

Although there are other environmentally friendly alternatives, plastic products made from recycled material offer a decisive advantage: thanks to their multiple use and reprocessing, they leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint than comparable products made from other materials. Axjo promotes this circular approach by reprocessing materials and transforming them into products with minimal environmental impact.

In Axjo’s Swedish production facility, 95% of products are made from 100% recycled material, and in the USA, all products are made from recycled material. With this in-house expertise, the company is able to recycle plastic waste and transform it into sustainably designed products.

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