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BASF Forward AM presents new Ultrasim 3D grid technology

BASF Forward AM will be at RAPID + TCT 2023 in Chicago, Illinois, from May 2nd – 4th. A highlight of this event will be the introduction of Forward AM’s latest software solution, Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine, which allows users easy access to a program designed to explore different lattice geometries and implement them into product design cycles.

Powered by Hyperganic, this solution offers a wide array of lattice patterns, each of which has been tested and validated for different application groups. Information about this innovative software as well as a wide array of materials and parts will be on display at booth #2445. The opportunity to attend the following events will also be available.

  • Beer and Beams Lattice Engine Workshop on Tuesday, May 2nd from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at the Forward AM Booth (#2445) – Guests will be offered the opportunity to try out the new Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine, grab a beer and learn about this new software solution.
  • Tech Talk on One-Click to Custom Lattices with Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine on Wednesday, May 3rd at 1:30 PM at booth #4230 – Florian Fischer, Head of Service & Solutions at BASF Forward AM together with Stijn Paridaens, CEO of Ziggzagg, will demonstrate the newly launched Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine software which enables users to instantly generate validated lattices for different applications.

Lattice Generation Made Easy with Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine

Whether designing a new footwear product, a seat, or protective sporting equipment, there is a lattice geometry that meets the unique requirements of each application. Users can access an extensive lattice library in form of physical test pads, which is the first step to experiencing the wide range of properties lattices can achieve. From there, the user can than choose the lattice that best suits their part requirements and input that information into the software tool to create a digital overview of the mechanical properties.

After inputting the desired application area, the software finds lattice designs validated for similar use cases then uses comprehensive modeling to automatically generate lattice parts that fit the user’s design parameters. Powered by Hyperganic’s assembly-level voxel engine, the lattice parts are generated and modulated within seconds.

The Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine puts Forward AM‘s years of 3D lattice research and validation within reach, allowing users to facilitate the creation of cutting-edge products that require high-performance lattices. This innovative software is bringing design and production to engineers and other user untrained in latticing through values that are threefold:

  1. Make it EASY to use: Generate custom lattice in minutes
  2. Make it WORK: Pre-engineered lattices adapted to the material and application
  3. Make it AFFORDABLE: One of the most cost-effective generation software programs available

Join Forward AM at RAPID + TCT 2023 in Chicago, Illinois from May 2nd – 4th to meet the expert team at Forward AM and learn more about the Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine and their extensive materials portfolio.

Find out more about BASF Forward AM at forward-am.com.

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