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BEGA and Desktop Metal present 3D-printed aluminum lighting components

3D printer manufacturer Desktop Metal has announced that it will be using the Binderjet to showcase 3D printed aluminum lighting components designed by BEGA, a German-based global leader in high-end architectural exterior and interior lighting.

“The Desktop Metal team continues to make incredible progress raising the bar in binder jet 3D printing with larger and more complex parts produced in Al6061 powder,” said Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. “Our process for binder jetting parts that are capable of replacing complex, investment cast aluminum components continues to advance rapidly, with a number of production projects underway.”

Following initial results in binder jetting aluminum at InnoventX in 2021, Desktop Metal has made significant progress in industrial scale production. Working with companies such as BEGA, Desktop Metal has now demonstrated a repeatable process for 99% dense aluminum that meets or exceeds the properties of common aluminum alloys in terms of corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, fatigue strength, dimensional stability and T6 tensile strength.

The X25Pro used to produce the BEGA parts is a modified commercial off-the-shelf system specially equipped with an inert or controlled atmosphere for use with reactive powders. The printer is located at Desktop Metal’s headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, where it is used for various commercial partner projects.

Desktop Metal utilizes a tiered qualification system for the production of powder materials, identifying materials as R&D qualified, customer qualified for specific applications and DM qualified for standard use. In total, more than 30 metals and ceramics are qualified on Desktop Metal’s printers.

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