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BICO and Organovo resolved their disputes

BICO announced that a settlement with Organovo has been reached, in which both companies agreed to resolve all aspects of the disputes between the parties.

Organovo and BICO were engaged in several legal disputes regarding Organovo’s patents. Under the new agreement, all civil actions regarding potential infringements and IPRs concerning validity of Organovo’s patents are dismissed and/or terminated. Both BICO and Organovo have released each other from all previous claims, demands, liabilities and costs in favor of finding a beneficial and sustainable solution created through this patent licence agreement.

The patent licence agreement with Organovo provide BICO with possibilities to access Organovo’s bioprinting technologies, which will further empower us to continue to advance and expand our product portfolio. Our offering will become even stronger by accessing these technologies and BICO, through our group company CELLINK, will have the freedom to operate globally with the strongest and most extensive bioprinting portfolio on the market.

“This will further enable an even more innovative and ground-breaking commercial agenda, speed up development for our customers, and enhance our market position; resulting in improved profitability in the long run. Onwards we will focus on strategic sales efforts to gain market share as well as our ambitious agenda for launching new instruments,” says Erik Gatenholm, CEO and President, BICO.

The total annual revenue covered by the licence agreement is expected to, as communicated via press release on January 11, 2022, amount to approximately 1-2 percent of the Group’s estimated revenues in 2022 and therefore is deemed as non-material for the Group.

At BICO, our priority is to enable organ and tissue printing using the latest and greatest technologies and products, offered to leading institutions and companies around the world. With more than 25,000 instruments in the field, our agenda is to make a global impact over the coming decades and revolutionize four main industrial ecosystems to enable sustainable manufacturing of human tissues and medical treatments.

Link: www.organovo.comwww.bico.com

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