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BigRep presents new VIIO 250 3D printer

BigRep has announced the launch of a new industrial Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printer, the VIIO 250, a large-format machine designed to produce high-resolution parts from engineering and fiber-reinforced materials with minimal manual intervention. Automated features are designed to make the printing process as simple as possible.

The VIIO 250 utilizes Infinity Box, an automatic filament handling system, and the backup extruder functionality known as Relay Mode. These enable uninterrupted production around the clock. The printer’s control platform offers the quality of an industrial CNC system and supports software that can be updated over the air.

Dr.-Ing. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep GmbH commented: “The VIIO 250 is a significant leap forward in automating and simplifying 3D printing technology aiming to advance industrial users’ productivity. By integrating advanced automation features and user-friendly interfaces, we aim to set a new standard for efficiency, ease of use, reliability, and repeatability in large-scale industrial-grade 3D printing striving to continuously improve customers’ Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With this we are setting the foundation for widespread adoption of large-format Additive Manufacturing (AM) in series production of large, accurate, strong parts in industrial manufacturing.”

The 3D printer has a temperature-controlled build chamber of 250 liters (1000 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm) that reaches up to 50 °C. The open material range is compatible with BigRep and third-party filaments. The dual Smart Manufacturing Extruders (SMX) heat up to 350 °C. A new intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) in several languages with animated instructions makes operation much easier.

The VIIO 250 can offer a decisive advantage in industrial production in particular, for example in the automotive industry, thanks to its autonomous mode of operation. It is designed for high efficiency and enables the cost-effective production of functional parts with reduced energy consumption.

One of the first users, Jens Krämer​, Head of Prototyping at Magirus Fire Trucks​ added: “Great to see that comfort features known from desktop printers have arrived in an industrial setting. Being able to rely on the automatic calibration of the print bed, flow rate, and x/y makes my life a lot easier and caters to reliable outcomes.”

The VIIO 250 will be on display for the first time at RAPID TCT in Los Angeles and will also have a virtual launch event on June 25. BigRep will be at booth 839 to showcase the printer in North America. The 3D printer is now available for pre-order with modular configurations and pricing models.

The launch of the VIIO 250 demonstrates how advanced automation and user-friendly technologies can transform industrial 3D printing by making production more efficient and reliable.

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