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BIO INX launches hydrogel resin for 2PP applications

BIO INX, a leading manufacturer of high-resolution materials for bioprinting, announces the launch of its latest product, Hydrotech INX N200. This revolutionary hydrogel resin is the world’s first for two-photon polymerization (2PP) and enables macro-scale 3D printing (up to several millimeters) using Nanoscribe’s patented dip-in-laser lithography (DiLL) technology. The resin is optimized for printing with Nanoscribe systems, including Photonic Professional GT2 and Quantum X bio.

Hydrotech INX N200 is certified to ISO-10993-5 and is suitable for biomedical applications. It is flexible, robust and ideal for organ-on-chip applications that allow diffusion but do not require cell attachment.

Organ-on-chip technology offers enhanced potential for drug screening and drug development by enabling testing of new components directly on human cells in an animal-free environment.

“Here, two-photon lithography can drastically increase the reliability and performance of the concept as it can provide the architectural complexity of natural tissues. However, to achieve this, biocompatible materials like HYDROTECH INX N200 are key!” -Agnes Dobos, application specialist at BIO INX.

The new material expands the possibilities of bioprinting through two-photon polymerization and enables the creation of macrostructures in flexible biocompatible hydrogels for the first time. This breakthrough enables the fabrication of complex structures that were previously impossible. Additional DiLL-compatible resins from BIO INX will be launched soon.

“We are thrilled to introduce Hydrotech INX N200, the world’s first two-photon lithography resin enabling macroscale printing. This material represents a significant advancement in bioprinting technology and opens up exciting possibilities for organ-on-chip applications,” said Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of BIO INX.

BIO INX will present Hydrotech INX N200 at the TERMIS EU conference in Manchester, March 28-31. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the product and its potential applications.

Find out more about BIO INX at bioinx.com.

For more information about Nanoscribe, please visit nanoscribe.com.

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