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Biogenic Dental Corporation accelerates dental service with EPLUS3D Metal 3D Printing Technology

BIOGENIC DENTAL CORPORATION, a family-owned Dental Laboratory since 1906 and located in the heart of Central New York, is a full-service dental laboratory that has the experience to provide high-quality dental restorations to its customers.

Recently, with the training and support of leading Chinese additive manufacturing solution provider EPLUS3D, Biogenic has adopted the metal powder bed infusion technology into their production workflow, utilizing the EPLUS3D EP-M150 Dual laser metal 3D printer. The change from conventional and time-consuming metal casting techniques to metal additive manufacturing technologies ensures increased efficiency, productivity, high precision, and consistent parts quality.

BIOGENIC owner Bob Belouin says that partnering with EPLUS3D has provided his company with a complete metal 3D printing solution for their metal partial and crown restorations. It started from communicating technical details in the early stages, through machine installation and training. “We are extremely pleased to work with EPLUS3D, and are very excited to utilize this technology in-house”.

The EP-M150 Dental Edition is an ideal and competitive choice for dental applications. It only costs half of the similar models in the market but can offer high performance, high output and high stability production needs. At the same time, the EPLUS3D machine is an entirely open system, which can be used together with the mainstream data processing software and dental materials in the market, bringing customers more flexibility and a convenient user experience. 

EPLUS3D’s Dental EP-M150 metal 3d printer has been widely recognized worldwide. The reason is due to the machine’s excellent performance and cost-effectiveness, and because EPLUS3D’s overseas branch can provide localized after-sales service. In addition, professional and dedicated service engineers are available to give their customers very comfortable and comprehensive technical support.

Eplus3D was founded in 2014 and has more than 20 years of AM expertise. As one of the most valued metal AM solution providers in the Chinese market, its industrial AM systems (MPBF/SLS/SLA) have been installed in more than 30 countries. As the company continues to invest in metal printing, EPLUS3D has a comprehensive metal AM product line that covers different kinds of applications, including but not limited to aerospace, energy, automotive, tooling, medical, dental etc.

Link: www.eplus3d.com

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