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BLT introduces 3D printing process for tungsten carbide

At the TCT Asia trade fair, the Chinese company Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) presented an innovation for additive manufacturing. With the help of a special 3D printing process, complex components can now be manufactured from the high-strength metal tungsten carbide.

Until now, machining tungsten carbide has been problematic because the brittle material easily forms cracks. According to BLT, its proprietary 3D printing process overcomes this hurdle and enables the production of filigree structures such as nozzles and channels.

As an example, BLT cites specially manufactured nozzles for soldering equipment. The inner walls are so smooth that clogging is avoided. Hot runner nozzles for injection molds are also among the applications. Tailor-made geometries can increase service life.

Overall, BLT sees great potential for making more targeted use of the properties of tungsten carbide, such as heat resistance and wear resistance, through additive manufacturing. At TCT Asia in Shanghai, the company will present the technology and possible applications to a wider audience.

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