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BMW Wants To Push 4D Printing For The Coming 100 Years Of The Company

BWM celebrates their 100th birthday by looking into the future of BMW cars. The vision of BMW incarnates in a concept car called BMW Vision Next 100.

The concept from BMW tackles some problems of the future. They picture the future self driving car as a combination of autonomous and manual driving. So if you want to drive yourself the cars interior changes to your needs.

BMW pictures a future where that change can be archived by using 4D Printing. What is 4D Printing?

BMW defines 4D printing as a 3D printed object that can change or transform its characteristics. So the object responses to a particular pre-defined stimuli.

4D Printing will play a key role in future vehicle production. For example, the outer shell of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 could change shape in response to air flows if printed in 4D. Its wheel arches, which dynamically move in synch with every steering movement could also be produced in the same way..

4D Printing therefore provides a basis for setting new standards in kinematics, performance and design. Whilst in the field of aerodynamics, it could play a major role in helping optimise flow behaviour – leading to significant reductions in a vehicle’s drag factor (cW value).

BMW is not the only company who bets heavily on 3D – ahh 4D printing. Peugeots revealed a new Concept Car with a lot of 3D printed parts inside and the tire manufacturer Goodyear has revealed a concept car with 3D printed ball-shaped wheels.