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Body Labs and 3dMD Collaborate on End-to-End 3D Body Scan Processing Solution

Body Labs, a company that has developed a technology to analyse the human body’s shape, pose and motion, has teamed up with 3dMD, provider of high-precision static-3D and temporal-3D systems, to bring the first body scan to 3D model processing solution to market.

The new solution will allow for capturing a person’s body shape and colour information and then use the data to process a 3D body model with anatomical precision. Data captured with 3dMD’s 3D and 4D scanning system is transferred to Body Labs Red solution to create 3D digital avatars that can be reposed, measured, animated and integrated into third-party software. With Body Labs Blue the company also offers an embeddable program that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in order to receive sizing recommendations or to take measurements for custom clothing.


The end-to-end solution by Body Labs and 3dMD allows for capturing high-quality body and feet scans, processing these scans into 3D digital avatars, import virtual fit models into 3D CAD programs, conduct sizing studies or population analysis efficiently, plug characters into animation software, gaming or virtual reality engines and run shape analytics alongside fitness data.

“The integration of our software and technology with 3dMD’s hardware unites two leaders to provide one of the most cohesive scan processing solutions in the market,” said Bill O’Farrell, CEO and co-founder of Body Labs. “With Body Labs and 3dMD we let technology get out of the way and enable the business to focus on the design of personalized products and services centered around their customers.”

“At an individual level the principals of 3dMD and Body Labs have shared a long term vision for revolutionizing the way that industry can understand the complexities of human factors to support innovative new materials and manufacturing,” said Chris Lane, CEO and co-founder of 3dMD. “After respective periods of intense product innovation in conjunction with a number of shared customers, it is appropriate that we make our integrated technology offering available to the marketplace in the form of this product alliance.”

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