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Body Labs Secures Exclusive U.S. Patents And Licenses For 3D Body Modeling Technologies

Body Labs, the provider of the world’s most advanced technology for analyzing the human body’s shape, pose and motion, announced today that it has secured the exclusive rights to two patents issued to Brown University and licenses to several new technologies developed at Max-Planck-Innovation GmbH.

U.S. Patents 9,189,886 B2 and 2013/0249908 A1 expand Body Labs’ exclusive ability to create accurate 3D human models learned from natural shape and pose variations captured from data inputs such as images or range maps. These patents cover intellectual property included in Body Labs’ statistical model of human shape, pose and motion. This statistical approach employs machine learning algorithms and the world’s most comprehensive training set of human shape and pose to convert shape parameters (measurements or scans) into the most statistically-accurate body geometry currently available.

Body Labs also announced exclusive licenses to several new technologies developed at Max-Planck-Innovation GmbH. These technologies enable Body Labs to further expand its technical leadership into other areas of the human body such as hands, feet, faces and heads. Additionally, the new developments streamline the adoption of Body Labs’ technology into other industry workflows such as animation pipelines, gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), health, fitness and more. These technologies also provide never-before-seen detail into soft-tissue deformation trained on shape data and pose variations captured from 4D scanners.

“These exclusive patents and licenses enable us to unlock unprecedented personalization across the entire human body and ensure our technology is more accessible than ever to a growing list of industries,” said William O’Farrell, co-founder and CEO of Body Labs. “It’s been a privilege to be partnered with Brown University and the Max Planck Institute for the past three years. These patents and licenses enable us to further expand our relationship and drive rapid innovation in the 3D body modeling space.”

According to Juniper Research, 60 million users across smartphones, tablets and smart glasses will use augmented reality apps in 2016. Gartner has also projected that 25 million units of virtual reality headsets will be in the hands of consumers by 2018. This year, tech giants such as Intel (Intel Capital led Body Labs’ Series A round of financing) will be working with manufacturers to integrate depth-sensor technology into smartphones as well. This broad adoption will deliver entirely new developer platforms made for everyday consumers that can manage, process and host 3D data.

Body Labs is the only company to provide the body as a digital platform. Through Body Labs, brands and retailers can access API’s for building consumer-facing experiences such as apparel sizing recommendations, bespoke clothing, fitness tracking, personalizing VR or AR experiences and more. For more information on how to personalize goods and services around human body shape visit the website of Body Labs.

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