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BotQueue: Print Job Management for 3D Printer (Update)

17.09.2012 – The platform BotQueue by co-founder of MakerBot allows operating multiple 3D printer.

Due to the fact that there are more and more inexpensive 3D printer available, fleets of 3D printers are installed in low volume production. If operated adequately, these fleets can print around the clock and thereby allow for a significantly higher output.

Co-founder of MakerBot, Zach Hoeken, left the company some time ago and now pursues his own projects. Introducing BotQueue, he not only offers a simple solution to control print jobs for multiple 3D printer, but also the complete software as open source.
The print jobs are being distributed through a web interface, to which 3D printers are connected. In the case of one of the 3D printers failing, jobs are switched over to the remaining working ones.

In its current version this software supports RepRap devices with gcode-parsing software like GRBL, Sprinter, Marlin, etc.

(c) Quelle, Picture & Link: Zach Hoeken Smith


Update: 25.04.2013 – BotQueue Version 0.3 now supports webcams

With a new webcam support you can follow the printing process via internet. You will also be able to pause the printing job, obtain statistics of its jobs and add comments.

via Hoecktronics