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Botspot 3D Scan GmbH presents flexible 3D scanning solution for photogrammetry

Botspot 3D Scan GmbH has introduced the 3D STUDIO SCANNER, a flexible 3D scanning solution for advanced photogrammetrists. It is designed to enable extremely precise and efficient capture of the geometry and texture of a wide range of objects.

The 3D STUDIO SCANNER is designed so that all components, such as cameras, lighting and the “digital spray” (pattern projection), can be repositioned in a few simple steps. This adaptability also extends to the turntable and camera arm, which can be moved and adjusted independently of each other. This offers exceptional handling flexibility and allows even complex and deformable objects to be scanned without additional handling.

In addition, the transparent glass turntable allows even the finest details of an object to be captured. As a result, objects can be scanned more easily and in greater detail, which can significantly reduce the scanning time.

The “Digital Spray” technology plays a central role in capturing objects with homogeneous surfaces. This technology makes it possible to scan even high-gloss and reflective surfaces precisely, a problem that was previously difficult to solve in photogrammetry. In addition, both the studio flash lights and the camera lenses are equipped with polarizing filters that eliminate interfering reflections through cross-polarization.

Another advantage of the 3D STUDIO SCANNER is the complete flexibility in the positioning of the scan components. This makes it possible to scan larger objects and expand the scanning options with additional cameras and projectors. The Botspot Automation Suite also ensures easy operation of the scanner. While predefined presets enable intuitive use by untrained personnel, experienced users can customize all scan parameters and create their own presets.

Botspot’s 3D scanners are based on the principle of photogrammetry and generate photorealistic 3D models with the highest level of detail. The high scanning speed significantly reduces working time and effort per model. This makes the 3D STUDIO SCANNER an indispensable tool for the creation of 3D assets and sets new standards in 3D scanning technology.

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