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Breathe-3DP Launches Nylon Filament “Phoenix”

Breathe-3DP, part of Virginia-based company Universal Fiber Systems, launches their second 3D printing material – the nylon filament Phoenix.

The Phoenix filament was specifically formulated for 3D printing processes and tested in the company’s lab on over 35 printers from a range of manufacturers. It features all attributes of nylon, including toughness, tensile strength, heat resistance and fatigue strength. According to the manufacturer, Phoenix displays low warpage, shrinkage and odour as well as excellent bed adhesion, high print reliability and allows for bridging and printing overhangs.

Breathe-3DP relies on ASTM testing to give users an accurate picture of the physical properties. The team additionally performs tests on printed parts to provide further insight.

The filament is available in 1 kg spools in both diameters (1.75 and 2.85 mm) in six different colours: black, blue, red, orange, grey and white. Technical Data and Safety Sheets as well as recommendations for printer settings can be found on Breathe-3DP’s website.

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