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Can Crowdsourced 3D Printable Solutions Solve the UN Sustainability Goals of 2030

UK based, guaranteed 3D printable file sharing platform, MyMiniFactory, launched a competition with US based crowd sourcing organization Hope3D, in attempt to crowdsource solutions to the UN sustainability goals of 2030.

Sam Suchin the 16 year old founder of Hope3D from Maryland has one mission, to combine 3D printing with the power of community to help improve the world. By calling on over 13,000 talented 3D designers on MyMiniFactory the collaborative effort is meant to harness the talents of the incredible 3D Design community and unite under a common global initiative. The competition aims to find creative, crowdsourced solutions to the worlds most pressing problems ranging from providing quality education to creating gender equality to thinking of new ways to re purpose old materials. The effort will hopefully help address the global challenges we face while demonstrating the power of 3D printing through scalable and accessible solutions.

The UN Sustainable development goals are interconnected in an effort to impact every human. The Agenda for Sustainable development, as written by the United Nations, provides a global blueprint for dignity, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.

“I hope for this competition on MyMiniFactory to identify worldwide problems and incorporate the vast technology for 3D printing as a creative solution” says Sam Suchin, founder of Hope3D.

The 3D design community is known to be an open community that values sharing knowledge and resources and that can harnesses the power of additive manufacturing and attempt to promote accessible solutions.Thousands of accessibility and educational designs have already been published and are available to download at no cost on MyMiniFactory. These solutions are as complex as prosthetics and as simple as a medicine capsule, they provide solutions for the visually impaired and homes for bees, to assure a pollinated garden.

Participants are encouraged to think outside of the box, creating files that are complete using only 3D printed parts or requiring additional non 3D printable components, including electrical assets, metal gears, rods, nuts and bolts etc. The competition which closes April 19th is open to 3D designers around the world who want to use their skills to solve problems that their own communities face or that they’re passionate about. The first prize winner will receive a grand prize of a Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer, from the competition sponsors at Snapmaker. The second and third prize winners will have the opportunity to win incredible hand tools from Craftsman.

This collaboration between MyMiniFactory and Hope3D is an initiative to create new stakeholders in the fight to global prosperity, using advanced technology and the vast range of ideas and depth of experiences of individuals around the world.

Currently MyMiniFactory hosts 500+ guaranteed 3D printable files specifically designed for accessibility. These functional devices were envisioned and executed by innovators from all walks of life, to be used as occupational tools, educational resources, mechanical solutions and dexterity assets. All of the incredible solutions are available to download completely free on MyMiniFactory.

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