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Caracol AM prints 3 meters high logo of Yamamay

Following a creative idea from Yamamay, Caracol AM, an Italian 3D printing solutions provider, has brought the company’s iconic “Y” to life with a four-meter-high sculpture made entirely using 3D printing techniques. The Sculpture will stand as a landmark in front of Yamamay’s headquarters in Gallarate, Italy.

However, the 3-meter-high sculpture was also designed with sustainability in mind, as the 170-kg model was 3D printed from 100% recycled polypropylene, reflecting the company’s mentality that sustainability doesn’t have to mean compromise.

The sculpture consists of two key elements:

The “Y”: it is the sculpture itself. With 3 m high and 2.7 m wide, the structure has a weight of 170 kg. It is made of 100% recycled polypropylene (with CSI certification). According to the team, its manufacture took about 200 hours and several months of work. In addition, it was painted with a special protective coating to ensure weather resistance.

The concrete base: this is used for stabilization and was made with a special formwork that was 3D printed using Caracol technology. It weighs 1500 kg and is 165 cm wide and 100 cm high.

“We are proud to complete the modernization of Yamamay’s headquarters, one of the most iconic commercial buildings in Italy, with an artistic identity work that combines innovation, sustainability and art with the creativity of our company, thanks to Caracol’s exclusive capabilities,” said Francesco Pinto, co-founder and president of Yamamay. “It is in fact – he added – a sense of beauty that already sees its roots in the famous thought of Luigi Einaudi: ‘The taste, the pride of seeing one’s business prosper, acquire credit, inspire confidence in ever-growing customers, expand facilities, beautify offices, they form a source of progress as powerful as profit'”.

The dimensions of the model normally present some difficulty, but with the new 3D printing method used by Caracol AM, the model, which is 4 meters high in total, was easily 3D printed, as the company relies on robotic material extrusion.

Giovanni Avallone, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Caracol, commented: “The collaboration between Caracol and Yamamay is a positive example of the dialogue between start-ups and companies in our country and symbolizes how the use of innovative technologies that typically come from industry can also be used in the service of sectors such as art and architecture, which are close to the general public and are therefore important communication tools to convey the values of sustainability and efficiency that are typical of these new means of production”.

For more information about Caracol, please visit caracol-am.com.

To learn more about Yamamay, visit www.yamamay.com.


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