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Caracol brings Robotic Large Format Additive Manufacturing to RAPID + TCT

Caracol, renowned in the field of robotic large-format additive manufacturing (LFAM), is bringing its innovative technology to California for RAPID + TCT 2024, working with partners Filament Innovations and DIVE to further expand Caracol’s presence in the North American market.

Through the facilities of DIVE in New Jersey and Filament Innovations in Pennsylvania, companies looking to produce large format parts can directly benefit from the capabilities of Caracol’s Heron AM technology line. This enables a new approach to the development and manufacturing of advanced applications. Caracol continues to expand its global network and collaborate with leading brands in the 3D printing industry. This collaboration enables industrial players worldwide to leverage the benefits of large-format 3D printing and effectively integrate it into their production processes.

At RAPID + TCT 2024, taking place June 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the three companies will showcase the potential of large format pellet printing at booth 2201. DIVE will be printing live on the newly acquired Caracol Heron AM platform with Airtech’s Dahltram T-100GF (recycled PETG with fiberglass). The manufactured part, an airfoil for jet boats in motorsports, demonstrates how complex designs and functional parts can be realized without expensive molds and tooling. Filament Innovations will also be demonstrating one of their ICARUS pellet extrusion machines live at the Caracol booth.

In addition, Caracol will showcase various applications it has developed for large-format 3D printing. These include aerospace tooling, mockups for the automotive industry and finished parts for architecture, construction, design and furniture. These presentations illustrate how versatile and adaptable Caracol’s technologies are and how they can be used in different industries.

Simone Cuscito, Chief Research, Development and Product Officer at Caracol, emphasizes: “With our technology, we offer solutions that make it possible to produce large-format and complex components efficiently and cost-effectively. Our collaboration with leading companies in the 3D printing industry shows how important and useful our technologies are for industrial applications.”

RAPID + TCT 2024 will take place from June 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visitors can find Caracol at booth 2201.

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