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CARACOL-ROBOZE to run up material performances

Caracol Factory, department of Caracol Studio offering prototyping and manufacturing services with the most sophisticated additive manufacturing technologies, chooses Roboze to respond to the emerging demand for finished parts in high performance materials.

The two companies have recently carbon fiber reinforced polyamide, for a specific application handling soft materials, obtained thanks to the combined work between a pneumatic gripping system and a 6-axis robotic system, designed and produced by Caracol Studio.

The component was digitally designed and manufactured with the Roboze One 3d printer to best meet customer needs, realizing the design based on the forces involved, the required material and the expected manufacturing technique, in order to maintain the lightest weight possible.

O date, 3D printing remains the only manufacturing technology capable of responding to this particular need by an increasingly dynamic and demanding market.

The project – among others – required the use of a mechanically performing material: the choice fell on Carbon PA, a carbon fibre reinforced polyamide. This approach, in addition to being cheaper than traditional methods, has allowed the customer to receive a fully functional piece with a contemporary and attractive design created specifically for the non-standard processing required, significantly lighter and able to increase the processing speed of the robot, and overall productivity. Another way to do it simply does not exist.


Paolo Cassis, co-founder and designer of Caracol Studio, has chosen Roboze for its “indepth knowledge of the treatment of highly performing polymers and technopolymers.” “Among all 3D printing technologies – Cassis added – Roboze was the only one to rely on for the realization of such unique components.”

The flange is just a small example: the design and manufacturing of custom components can extend to many areas, whether industrial or automation, replacing traditional techniques and obsolete materials that in addition to having an unsustainable environmental impact, are heavy, oversized and therefore more expensive, as well as unsightly and difficult to adapt to specific processes.

“We have partnered with Roboze for the supply of 3D printers because it is the only one that allows you to work the most sophisticated engineering plastics,” said Jacopo Gervasini, co-founder CEO of Caracol. “This, together with the extraordinary mechanical solidity that characterizes the printer, offer our customers the only valid solution capable of guaranteeing repeatability and complete reliability in the manufacturing of large batches of functional components for the industry”.