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CASTOR enables 3D visualization from 2D drawings for additive manufacturing

The software company CASTOR has introduced a new function to automatically visualize 3D parts from 2D drawings. According to CASTOR, the software can simulate a 3D view of all parts in a file with a single click. This allows the suitability for additive manufacturing to be comprehensively analyzed.

As CASTOR CEO Omer Blaier explains, the new function saves engineers a lot of time and effort in identifying suitable components. Instead of laboriously preparing 3D data, they can now visualize in seconds which parts are suitable for 3D printing. According to Blaier, CASTOR will make additive manufacturing more accessible.

The software automatically extracts manufacturing information from 2D PDFs, calculates the size, volume and complexity of the parts and creates a 3D simulation based on the projected views. This allows printability, technology, material and costs to be estimated.

The quick results are intended to help engineers decide which parts are suitable for further steps. The software, which is available on-premise and in the cloud, can also be used to optimize parts specifically for additive manufacturing.

According to CASTOR, the new function saves time and costs when introducing additive manufacturing thanks to automated 3D visualization. It makes it possible to quickly check the potential of additive manufacturing from existing 2D drawings.

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