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CAVE Holdings USA joins Roboze 3D Parts Network

Roboze, a technology company providing industrial 3D printing systems specializing in the production of finished and functional parts with super polymers and composite materials, today announces the entry into the Roboze 3D Parts Network of Cave Holdings USA Inc.

Located in Virginia, Cave Holdings USA Inc is a management and investment firm that owns and partners with several international direct service businesses and industries. They include but are not limited to Energy, Logistics, Security and Defense, Aerospace and Off-Planet, and Research and Development. Cave Holdings USA Inc will enhance production capacities within Guyana by offering qualified 3D printed spare parts just in time and on demand made with Roboze additive manufacturing systems and innovative materials.

The state of Guyana in South America boasts a very attractive macroeconomic environment having established activities and initiatives that have led it to very rapid economic growth in recent years. Companies in the region have therefore chosen to expand their investments and develop technological and innovative business models that can support and drive strong positive growth in the country.

Cave Holdings USA Inc. has chosen Roboze as a technological partner to increase and support their local operation in Guyana and this partnership will accelerate their digital transition by joining the manufacturing companies of the Roboze 3D Parts global network.

“With Roboze we intend to boost production capabilities in Guyana and offer qualified 3D printed spare parts such as pumps, valves, pipe supports, subsea services and more.” says Angela Kilic-Cave, President of Cave Holdings USA Inc. “I am sure this partnership will allow us to support not only the energy sector, but also to operate in the Industrial, Aerospace, Medical and Mobility sectors of the future”.

Roboze is a major player that, through its technology ecosystem, is reshaping the manufacturing industry and revolutionizing the world of 3D printing for super polymers and composites. Roboze 3D Parts is an on-demand additive manufacturing service with a strong focus on delivering designs in extreme environments and solving difficult engineering challenges with high-precision, high-performance parts.

The service is provided through a network of specialized additive manufacturing centers around the world that use Roboze ARGO Production technology to ensure consistency and excellent results.

Arash Shadravan, Roboze Global Business Development Director says: “Guyana is a country with a rapidly growing economy and a promising future. The pandemic has brought to light the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of supply chain disruptions. Roboze and Cave Holdings USA recognize the potential for industrial additive manufacturing to play a key role in supporting the growth and resilience of Guyana’s economy. By localizing these services, Guyana will not only benefit from improved efficiency and competitiveness in the energy sector, but also in industries such as medical, mobility, industrial, and agriculture.”

The partnership will be formalized during the International Energy conference & expo Guyana, where at booth 114-115, Cave Holdings USA Inc. and Roboze will offer their solution to the important issues affecting the energy sector, as well as the challenges of climate change mitigation and maximizing the benefits of local content development in Guyana and the region.

Find out more about Roboze at roboze.com.

Foir more information about Cave Holdings, please visit cave-holdings.com.

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