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CELLINK and the Indian Institute of Science establish a CoE for 3D-bioprinting in Bengaluru, India

CELLINK, a global specialist in developing 3D bioprinters and The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) are partnering to establish a CoE for 3D bioprinting in Bengaluru, India. The CoE, the first of its kind in the sub-continent, will be housed in the Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) at IISc. The CoE will provide access to 3D bioprinting systems, enabling researchers to accelerate their work across critical applications with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes.

“We are excited to host this CoE in the institute, which will help to initiate cutting-edge research in an emerging field of technology with immense potential to benefit human health” says Prof. Narendra Dixit, Chairperson of BSSE.

3D bioprinting is the application of additive manufacturing techniques to live cells, growth factors and/or biomaterials to fabricate biomedical parts, often with the aim to mimic natural tissue characteristics. 3D bioprinting covers a broad range of bioprinting techniques and biomaterials. Currently, bioprinting can be used to print tissue and organ models to help research drugs and potential treatments.

The new CoE will house several state-of-the-art 3D bioprinters from CELLINK and will serve as a hub for several research initiatives and training activities within this emerging and exciting technology. IISc and CELLINK will work together to conduct workshops aimed at providing researchers within the institute, and elsewhere, the skills necessary to utilize 3D bioprinting within their work and reap the benefits of 3D cell culture.

In addition to this, the two groups will undertake and advise on research projects across multiple applications spanning the fields of tissue engineering, drug discovery, material science and regenerative/personalized medicine. The CoE will have a keen focus on work around the heart, bone, cartilage and cancer.

“It’s an honor to collaborate with one of the most prominent science institutes in India. India has long been at the forefront of scientific discovery, and with the exceptional talent and deep-rooted passion to translate research from the benchtop to the clinic, we are confident that this Centre of Excellence will make a lasting impact on the progress within research in the fields of heart, bone, cartilage and cancer. With IISc we have a tremendous partner, and we look forward to creating the future of health together.”, added Cecilia Edebo, CEO of CELLINK.

For more information about CELLINK, please visit www.cellink.com.

To learn more about BSSE, please visit be.iisc.ac.in.

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