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CELLINK – First Universal Bioink for 3D Bioprinters – Update

The Swedish company CELLINK has developed what is probably the first universal 3D bioprinter ink.

June 2, 2015 – CELLINK, already available for purchase, is a bioink for the creation of living and fully functional 3D tissue models. The company calls its product, which can be used on a wide range of 3D bioprinters, “the final puzzle piece in the 3D bioprinting industry“. Their ink can be mixed with cells and then 3D printed from a single nozzle into a 3D tissue model.

The two founders Erik Gatenholm and Ivan Tournier both have an extensive background in the field of biotechnology. A recently published paper with the title “3D Bioprinting Human Chondrocytes with Nanocellulose–Alginate Bioink for Cartilage Tissue Engineering Applications“, concludes that the nanocellulose-based bioink is a suitable hydrogel for 3D bioprinting with living cells. The resolution of CELLINK also allows for printing in a wellplate for drug testing.

The ambitious goal of the start-up is to apply their bioink to a wider range of human tissue models, including bone structures and organs.

March 23, 2016 – Update: CELLINK offers two new bioinks

The two new materials are CELLINK A, a universal bioink which works with most human cells, and SUPPORTINK which can be used to support more complex structures while printing and can be removed very easily.

CELLINK ACELLINK A is conveniently crosslinked using the same binding agent that is offered with the original CELLINK bioink to make things as simple as possible for the end-users. We want to ensure that our customers concentrate their valuable time on what they do best: 3D cell culturing. Therefore is it important that our bioinks provide the highest level of reproducibility, quality, and ease of use” erzählte Ida Henriksson, CBO von CELLINK 3dprintingbusiness.directory.