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AM Ceramics | Program | Sneak Preview – Challenges & Potentials in the Manufacturing Industry

Ceramic additive manufacturing has the potential to radically change the industry. Available additive manufacturing systems for ceramics have already reached an advanced level. Further to prototyping of components, they represent a tangible alternative to conventional manufacturing methods or offer a viable supplement. Thus, this kind of freeform fabrication offers unforeseen business opportunities for enterprises within the manufacturing industries. AM is an emerging market with a variety of potential requiring rethinking of traditional business models. (eg. production of hearing aids)

Key Drivers | Feasibility Check for Mass Production

Commercial success of additive manufacturing in an emerging market can be influenced by a variety of factors. Basically it depends on whether the field of application is eligible or expertise on material science exists. Discussing these currently most profound challenges and relevant key drivers for additive manufacturing, Johannes Homa (CEO Lithoz GmbH) and Paolo Colombo (University Padua) will open the two-day conference, AM Ceramics 2017. David Walker, R&D manager in advanced materials at Johnson Matthey will reveal feasible ideas concerning AM mass production. Edmar Allitsch, managing partner at AM Ventures Holding will explain why AM should be implemented into conventional production processes.

The annual event AM Ceramics hosted in the beautiful city of Vienna is a great opportunity for professional exchange concerning all matters of 3D-printing of high-performance ceramics on a global level.

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