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Chemson Pacific Announces 3DVinyl, the First 3D Printable PVC filament

PVC is a sort of plastic that’s often used. Until now there was no 3D printable PVC filament but Chemson Pacific has developed a technique to create this special filament.

Chemson Pacific is an Australian-based manufacturer of PVC stabilizers. Over two years they have worked on their new PVC filament. The research was successful because they found a technique to create a filament that has all positive attributes of PVC but is still 3D printable. The key attributs of the newly developed 3D Vinyl are: UV resistant, waterproof, solvent resistant, Group 1″ Fire retardant (capable of AS3837 compliance) and it has also a sustainable footprint because it requires 50 % fewer fossil fuel inputs. This can be achieved by using abundant natural gas while only some incumbents are derived from crude oil.

3D Vinyl is a definitive new 3D printing material that will bring a combination of physical properties not available with the current incumbent polymeric materials. 3D Printing is currently one of the fastest growing, value-adding industries internationally and will be an important source of mentally-stimulating career paths and new business growth for the future, which I’m absolutely proud to be a part of

Chemson Pacific will be selling the filament only on the Australian market, but they have teamed up with Functionalize who hopefully will sell the PVC filament in North America and Europe. There was no date published when they will start selling the filament but it will be presented at the Vinyl Council of the Australia Annual Conference on May 19th.

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