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Chihuahua Leo Is Able to Walk for the First Time Thanks to 3D Printing

Chihuahua Leo was born without front legs and was abandoned at an animal shelter, before being adopted by Yvette Bocz. Now, the cute little dog received a custom 3D printed device for him to move around.

The 3D printed prosthetic works like a wheelchair, with his shoulders sitting in a tailor-made harness. This allows for his back legs to move just like any other dog’s.

“It’s like watching your child walk for the first time. Just watching him actually use his back legs like regular walking motion and wagging his tail. I see the potential that lies ahead for him. I’m very, very happy,” said Bocz.

The special device was created by Phil Hampton, professor at Cal Sate Channel Islands. Its design was also published online, so anyone in need for a similar prosthetic for their pet could customise and 3D print it.

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