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Chinese rocket manufacturer relies on 3D printing from BLT

The Chinese space company i-Space is using components from the 3D printer for the development of new liquid propellant rocket engines. These are produced in a special process by the company Bright Laser Technologies (BLT).

According to BLT, the components were used in i-Space’s 100-ton “JD-2” engine, among others. These include piping and turbopump components with complex structures. Thanks to 3D printing, these could be produced precisely and cost-effectively.

According to the manufacturer, the printed parts made of a nickel alloy or titanium alloy met i-Space’s quality requirements. BLT uses its own 3D printers, such as the BLT-S515 and BLT-S600 models.

The “JD-2” engine underwent successful tests at the beginning of March. It will be used in reusable rockets in the future. i-Space is one of the leading private space companies in China. By 3D printing BLT, i-Space says it can shorten development cycles and save costs.

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