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Chinese Union Tech Makes First Steps Into USA

One of the largest manufacturers in China is coming to the US. Union Tech supplies SLA 3D Printers with build volumes from 250x250x250mm up to 800x800x550mm mostly in China.

After expanding to Russia Union Tech is now starting a sales agreement with RP Support America. Not many of you might know about Union Tech but the Chinese company is around for more than 15 years.

Union Tech is a part of the Shanghai Union Technology Co., Ltd. and was founded in 2000. It is known for their pioneer work in developing SL technology in China. With more than 140 employees of which more than 50% are dedicated to the research  and development the company supports their customer needs in many sectors like automotive, aerospace and medical applications.

At the moment Union Tech has a portfolio of four stereolithography 3D printers ranging from 25 microns and a smaller build volume up to 150 microns with a huge build volume of 800x800x550mm.

Pilot SD StereolithographyRSPro450 StereolithographyRSPro600 StereolithographyRSPro800 Stereolithography
25 microns100 microns100 microns150 microns