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Cloud-based SLA Slicing – SLAacer

Before something is 3D printed it has to be sliced. Until now, different downloaded programs have done this for you but now Sebastien Mischler has developed a web-based slicer that is even open-source.

The main reason for the development of such software was that with it you can simply create printable data out of your web browser (on your smartphone, tablet or computer). If you have a printer than can be fed with slices from your smartphone, you can even do this without the use of a computer.

Since the software is in beta stadium now, it doesn’t have all necessary functions. For example, a function to generate support structure is missing but a lot of functions are planned and Sebastien Mischler is developing them step by step. If you want you can help with the development on the project’s git site.

The project is only used to generate the slices for SLA 3D printers. But it is open-source so we can hope that in the future there will be similar projects for other types of printers. The software can be started like any other website over a link (click the link to start the software in your web browser).

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