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Cloud9: 3D Modelling with Haptic Feedback

The new 3D modelling software offers haptic feedback of virtual models with the aid of a 3D mouse. It will allow artist and designer to easily access the way of 3D modelling.

The haptic 3D modelling software Cloud9 from Anarkik3D features, besides 3D modelling, an own 3D mouse. With the aid of this special mouse you are not only able to navigate in virtual space but you will also receive a haptic feedback for the 3D model.

The second version of the software enables the user to determine the durability of the object’s surface. You are able to create soft surfaces and feel them before 3D printing. Realistic controls should therefor create a considerably closer connection to the object and revolutionise 3D modelling.

In order to raise £120,000 for the further development of the project, the IndieGoGo campaign was started.

(c) Pictures & Link: Anarkik3D via IndieGoGo