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Cocuus launches mass production of 3D printed plant-based meat

The food startup Cocuus has opened a new production facility for 3D printed plant-based foods in northern Spain. According to the company, Cocuus is the first company to produce plant-based products such as bacon or shrimp on an industrial scale for the retail sector.

According to the company, up to 250 kilos of plant-based bacon can be produced per hour using its proprietary 3D printing technology. Cocuus is aiming for a capacity of over 1,000 tons per year by 2024. In addition to bacon, the company also plans to produce plant-based tuna and shrimp in the future.

The start-up’s investors include the agricultural group Cargill and the venture capitalist Big Idea Ventures. Cargill and Cocuus are working together in the field of alternative proteins to further advance the scaling of production processes.

Cocuus’ plant-based 3D printed products are already available at the Carrefour supermarket chain in Spain under its own Foody’s brand. In the medium term, the company is also aiming to enter the market in other countries.

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