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CoLiDo 3D Printing Pen Hits Kickstarter

The Hong Kong-based manufacturer Colido has started a crowd funding campaign for their latest product – a 3D printing pen.

The CoLiDo 3D Pen brings some unseen features to the 3D pen scene. The nozzle of the CoLiDo 3D Pen retracts automatically when in idle mode. So you can put the pen down without the need of a special stand or the risk of burning a hole into your table.

The pen is able to print with PLA or ABS, features two printing speeds and also weights only 70g. You can preorder a the CoLiDo 3D Pen at Kickstarter for only 69$ at an early bird price and it will cost 89$ after the early bird. It comes with two packs of ABS and PLA filament and can be delivered worldwide.