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Colorbiotics launches new dye for 3D concrete printing

Colorbiotics, a Sika Group company known for its durable and vibrant colors for mulch, rubber, stone, sand and concrete, is expanding into the 3D concrete printing market. The company is launching a new colorant developed specifically for the requirements and specifications of 3D concrete printing.

“We have proven we can produce the highest-quality colors for other markets,” said Kent Rotert, vice president of Colorbiotics. “This was an opportunity to work in a different space with a 3D application and see how our colorants performed in concrete … They exceeded our expectations.”

The new colorant, Colorbiotics CB3D, is highly pigmented and is currently being used for prefabricated concrete seating, furniture and other unique fabrications. Since initial testing in these applications has been successful, company leaders are looking forward to seeing the colorant in other 3D concrete printing applications as well.

“We are thrilled with the vibrancy and durability of our colors in 3D-printed concrete, just like with other markets,” Rotert said. “CB3D is a really cool product with all types of possibilities in 3D concrete printing, especially outdoor-use applications that require a higher quality to withstand the elements.”

The CB3D dye has been used in 3D printed concrete furniture such as tables and benches made within 0.125 inches of the 3D model. Because the concrete itself is colored and then given a clear coating, the furniture is resistant to weathering and wear and tear, making it ideal for outdoor use.

By entering the 3D concrete printing market, Colorbiotics is expanding its expertise and setting new standards in the application of colorants in different materials. This development underlines the company’s continuous efforts to provide innovative solutions for different markets while maintaining the high quality standards that characterize Colorbiotics.

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