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ColorFabb Launches steelFill 3D Printing Filament – Update: Now Available

Dutch manufacturer ColorFabb has introduced a new material complementing their portfolio of metal-filled PLA filaments at the AM Show Europe in Amsterdam today: steelFill.

June 28th 2016 – Following their composite materials such as woodFill, bamboFill or korkFill, ColorFabb has also introduced filaments with metal infill such as copperFill, bronzeFill or brassFill.

ColorFabb has been experimenting with various grades of the steel particle infused filament in the past few months, before finding the best result. The new steelFill material is optimised for printing on the Ultimaker 2, Makerbot Replicator 2 as well as other 3D printers and will be available through their Webshop this summer.

September 15th 2016 – Update: steelFill is now available

Now you can order the colorFabb steelFill filament from the manufacturer. A spool of 750g in 1.75mm or 2.85mm can be ordered for around 56$ in the online store of the manufacturer.

The print settings for steelFill:

  • print temperature: 200/215 °C
  • build plattform temperatur: 50 °C or without heating
  • print speed: 50/70 mm/s
  • cooling: 50%
  • retraction speed: 25 mm/s
  • retraction length: 4,5mm

For more details visit the manual for printing steelFill from colorFabb.

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