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Combining 3D Printing and Traditional Painting

To create more interesting paintings, an Italian artist has combined traditional painting with oil colors and modern 3D printing. Through this combination he creates astonishing effects on his paintings.

Guido Salimbeni is an Italian artist based in Florence. He is specialized in oil paintings and now he uses 3D printing to create three dimensional effects on his drawings. So with the help of 3D printed parts he creates better paintings.

His steps to create such piece of art are always the same:painting_jacked

  1. Creating parts of the drawing with oil colors
  2. Decide which parts of the painting should be 3D printed
  3. Creating the 3D printed parts with a modelling tool on PC
  4. Send the parts to a manufacturer who prints them
  5. Stick the parts to the drawing and color them

As material he prefers colored sandstone – that’s a combination of sand, color and binder. The Artists usually orders his 3D printings at i.materialise.

The artist has already created a few drawings with this combination of old and new technique. But he describes one picture in detail: “Red Cardinal in the Snow”

If you have a more detailed look at the painting you will see that the head and the first part of the body of the cardinal are looking out of the drawing. On the right side of the painting, snowflakes are standing out. With this trick the artists wants to create the impression of a fast landing bird in the fresh snow.

When you look at other drawings of Guido Salimbeni you will also find 3D printed parts and it is a pretty good combination of old and modern technique. If you are interested on the artist or his picture you can visit his website.