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COR Bio: polySpectra Launches Biocompatible 3D Printing Resin

polySpectra announced the launch of its COR (Cyclic Olefin Resin) Bio biocompatible 3D printing material at the RAPID + TCT event in Chicago earlier this month.

COR Bio is polySpectra’s third material and the first biocompatible class, following the rugged COR Alpha and COR Black products. The company believes this new material will be especially suitable for end-use production in healthcare, specifically for medical device components, dental products, and surgical tools, as well as consumer products and microfluidic devices.

Among the properties of the COR Bio material are high impact strength, a high working temperature, 100% elongation at break, and a glass transition temperature of 135°C.

“COR Bio is polySpectra’s latest resin, specifically designed to unlock previously impossible healthcare and consumer applications for photopolymer 3D printing,” commented Raymond Weitekamp, founder and CEO of polySpectra. “COR Bio features an unprecedented combination of toughness, biocompatibility, and autoclavability – a critical triad for end-use medical device applications.”

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