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Cornell Student Creates Concept for 3D Printed “Recycl3D” Clothing Line

Eric Beaudette, senior student at Cornell University’s Department of Fibre Science & Apparel Design, has created a sustainable, 3D printed fashion line called Recycl3D.

The convertible multipurpose clothing allows for the wearer to add or remove parts like the collar, sleeves, hoods, pockets or other accessories. Moreover, the garments are fully recyclable and can be converted to raw material for apparel, packaging or other uses.

Beaudette created a full-scale prototype garment that was based on his measurements taken by a 3D body scanner and later 3D printed at Cornell. The innovative locking mechanism enables the wearer to mix and match add-ons. They can also choose different colours, patterns and accessories.


“The real perks of 3-D printing have not been used to their full potential. I brought together recycling with synthetic blends, customization from body scanning and optimization of the manufacturing process to drastically reduce production waste,” Beaudette said.

Beaudette received a $ 30,000 Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship from the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund.


Having a hybrid education between science and design allows me to investigate any one aspect of a product through two unique perspectives,” Beaudette explained. “True product design, especially for apparel, has to be a perfect marriage between design and materials. My dream is to be a product developer and innovator, and bring new perspectives to materials and technologies specifically made to interact with the human body.”

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