Home Industry Create it REAL and Ortóiberica cooperate to promote 3D printing in orthopaedics

Create it REAL and Ortóiberica cooperate to promote 3D printing in orthopaedics

Create it REAL and Ortóiberica have announced a strategic partnership that will bring both technical and commercial benefits to both parties. This collaboration will introduce 3D printing technologies for seating aids and corrective corsets, including the Embrace Seat and Embrace Corset solutions. Ortóiberica will make these solutions available in Spain, Portugal and Morocco and plans to improve patient care in these regions. At the same time, Create it REAL will expand its reach and influence in the orthopaedic sector.

Ortóiberica, a company that offers a range of solutions for the orthopaedic sector, can provide a fully digital CAD-CAM solution by combining Pi.Cas.So CAD software with Create it REAL’s CAM solution. From late summer this year, Ortóiberica will start producing 3D printed corsets, seats and cushions at its facilities in Asturias, Spain. Each product is carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit and optimal comfort for each patient. This precision and customization is a testament to our commitment to offering the best solutions.

Yolanda Fernandez Garcia, General Manager of Ortoibérica, expressed her excitement about the partnership. She stated, “Ortoibérica’s focus on orthopedic devices and the development of 3D-printed equipment perfectly aligns with Create it REAL’s vision. This partnership will benefit our customers significantly, as they can now access the integration between Pi.Cas.So CAD software and REALvision Embrace build preparation software, enhancing their experience and the quality of care they can provide.”

Compared to traditional corrective corsets, which are molded from a polypropylene sheet, the 3D printed alternative takes advantage of additive manufacturing by offering varying degrees of rigidity. These allow the designer to place rigid zones where treatment is required and create flexible zones for comfort. Although the material remains the same, the production method means that the 3D printed brace is lighter and the workflow becomes easier, faster and more cost-efficient.

Lene Jensen, Business Developer at Create it REAL, is thrilled about the potential of the partnership. She emphasizes, “Our collaboration with Ortoibérica, a key player in the Spanish and Portuguese orthopedic sector, is a game-changer. It amplifies our capabilities and aligns with our mission to revolutionize healthcare and seating aids for wheelchair users. This partnership is not just a collaboration, it’s a synergy that will redefine workflows and patient care. It sets a new standard while making a profound environmental impact.”

An obvious advantage of the additive manufacturing process compared to the traditional production of foam seating aids is the reduction of waste and the avoidance of dust. The seating aids are printed from a certified TPU material. With the invention of Programmable Foam, it is possible to add different degrees of firmness to the product to customize it to the patient’s needs. These seating aids are a high-quality alternative that outperform traditional foam seats in terms of breathability, hygiene and pressure relief.

The partnership between Create it REAL and Ortóiberica promises to improve production methods and offer patients a new level of comfort and support that was previously unthinkable.

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